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Welcome to Hobbycart.com online RC hobby store, shop from more than 12,000 products ranging from RC parts to radio controlled models including Kyosho RC Cars, RC buggies, RC trucks, RC helicopters and even RC boats, as well as the popular Tamiya RC Series such as Tamiya Mini 4WD and Tamiya Expert Build (XB). Other brands include the famous Yokomo RC Drift Cars, competing against Kyosho and Tamiya in the RC hobby sports on RC Drifting. Some popular Kyosho R/C categories may include Kyosho, Kyosho RC, Kyosho United States, Kyosho Australia, Kyosho Europe, Kyosho Singapore, and Kyosho Malaysia. Besides Kyosho, Tamiya categories are also among the most frequently visited places. Some quick links are Tamiya, Tamiya RC, Tamiya United States, Tamiya Australia, Tamiya Europe, Tamiya Singapore, and Tamiya Malaysia. In addition to Tamiya RC categories, other popular RC hobby series are the RC Drift Cars, Kyosho Mini-Z or Mini Z, as well as Kyosho Inferno series, Kyosho Inferno VE, other Kyosho Inferno and more! Please feel free to browse the Mini Z series on Hobbycart Mini Z Shop.. Other popular Kyosho RC car series include the Kyosho dNaNo, Kyosho DRX and more.

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Electric RC Car Types

There is a large variety of electric RC Cars ranging from different scales and wheel types. For instance, the Formula 1 RC Car may be built in 1/10 scale from the actual size, or a touring car versus a off-road buggy, with their main difference in the wheels. This is because different wheel types are suitable for distinct purposes. Hence, it is advisable that you think over what type of RC Car you want to begin with before investing money on one. >> Read more

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RC Car Drifting

RC Car drifting eventually caught up, but only started getting noticed sometime around year 2000. Model manufacturers like Tamiya, Kyosho and Yokomo started introducing drift RC car models in their store shelves, with other manufacturers following the lead. Just like the actual and bigger automobiles, the RC Cars can be modified, tuned and upgraded to meet the drifting standards. The modification ranges through all body parts from the body, chassis, motor, suspension and even gears, wheels and tires. Conversion of RC cars for drifting also requires optional parts, along with customized circuits and race tracks. >> Read more

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